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Answer: A fire department connection is a part of the sprinkler system that the fire department can connect their hoses to if they need to pump additional water into the sprinkler system. A typical scenario, is to see the FDC located in the parking lot island near the post indicator valve. The F.D.C. has 2 brass threaded connections with red caps. Another scenario is to see it on the wall of the building outside the fire sprinkler riser room. Both circumstances are dependent on the fire department requirements. Many fire departments to not want to have the connection on the wall of a burning building. Walls collapsing and falling debris have injured thousands of fire fighters while they were trying to connect fire hoses to the F.D.C. on the wall of the building. It is safer for the fire department to have the F.D.C. in the parking lot island.
"Wall" Type Fire Department Connection.
"Yard" Type Fire Department Connection.
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